Welcome to my Carrd!You can get to know a bit more about me here, as well as find my commission information, and links to other sites.


Hi hi, I'm Starryo (Star-ree-oh, like Starry-o), people usually just call me Star!I'm a Chinese-Canadian artist and fluent in both English and Mandarin.I enjoy creating fanart! Twitter is my main base of operation and between my art posts, I like to chat with people and retweet content I enjoy. Currently, I am a fan artist for the Persona 5 fandom!As of the moment, I'm also working on creating my portfolio for art school.


  • Persona 5 Royal

  • Akeshu/Shuake

  • Royal Trio

  • Project Sekai

  • Vocaloid

  • Webtoons

  • C-Dramas

  • C-Reality

  • C-Pop

  • Spiderverse

  • MXTX

  • Wangxian

  • Hualian

  • Bingqiu

  • Spy x Family

  • Black Butler

  • King's Avatar

  • All Saints Street

  • Stardew Valley

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These are some of my bigger projects, both personal and collaborative! You can learn more about them by clicking the links available.


MXTX Creative Space: Fashion ZineFree DigitalPage Artist2021Complete!
MXTX Ladies of the Seasons ZineFree DigitalPage Artist2021Complete!
Bearer of Light: Lan Wangji ZineP4P PhysicalArt Mod/Page Artist2021-2023Completed!
The Fool: Joker ZineProfit/Charity PhysicalGuest Page Artist2022-2023Production Halted, Completed
One Day: Akeshuake ZineCharity PhysicalGuest Page Artist2022-2023Completed!
One Night: NSFW Akeshuake ZineCharity Companion ZineGuest Illustration Artist2022-2023Completed!
Winds of Blessing: An Akeshuake ZineProfit/Charity ZineHead Mod/Art Mod2023-2024Ongoing

Personal Projects

Lovely NightSangcheng AnimaticFinished!
Xian YunWangxian AnimaticCleaning Up, Paused
This System Sucks, Can I Get a Refund?Akeshu Fanfic, Crack Taken Seriously, Akira Transmigrates into P5R SVSSS-styleChapter 1 PAUSED
White MaskAkeshu Roleswap AUMajor Work in Progress
Love Like YouAkeshu AnimaticStoryboard, In Progress
P5 x OMORI AUA reimagining of the game OMORI using P5R charactersInfo Thread
Persona x Spiderverse AUWhat if Joker Persona 5 was Miles Morales?Thread in Progress


I am a very new Twitch Streamer!

MXTX Fandom Preferences:

- Canon Dynamics
- Novel Canons
- MXTX Main Pairs
- Sangcheng
- Xuanli
- Mianqing
- Zhuiling, Lingyi, Junior Quartet
- I don't really have ship preferences for the SVSSS and TGCF yet?


- MDZS Donghua
- MDZS Manhua (Mangadex)
(Not up to date yet)
- MDZS English TL Novel (Exiled Rebels)
- MDZS Audio Drama (Suibian Subs)
- The Untamed/CQL
(I refuse to watch the last 4 episodes)
- MDZS Chinese Novel
(Currently Reading)
- SVSSS Donghua
- TGCF Donghua
- SVSSS Chinese Novel
- TGCF English TL Novel (Suika)
(Currently Reading, am stuck at Book 4 help)


Currently Still Under Construction.
Please Check back later.


Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning me!

Displayed prices are subject to change due to the complexity of the art requested, however, they will generally fall in the price ranges shown.Additional fees may be included for requirements such as private or commercial commissions! Please inquire about those directly.All prices are in USD.

Bust Shot:
Colored Sketch: $30
Painted/Rendered: $60

Half Body:
Colored Sketch: $45
Painted/Rendered: $90

Full Body:
Colored Sketch: $60
Painted/Rendered: $120

Simplified Styles:
Painted Chibi: 10% OFF of Colored Sketch Prices
Omori Style: Same Price as Colored Sketch

Additional Characters: 75% of Base Price
Simple Backgrounds (Solid Color, Basic Patterns, Shapes, etc.): Free!
Additional Backgrounds: Ask for a Quote
Extra Details: Ask for a Quote
Short Comic:
Colored Sketch Only (Unless attached to an Illustration)
Discounted Base Price
2-8 Panels
Ask for a Quote
Short Animation:
Please DM!
Large Environment Illustration:
Please DM!


If you have any inquiries or need to reach me, please feel free to contact me through email, Twitter or Discord.Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @ItsStarryo
Discord: @starryo